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What to buy for your new puppy

Its very tempting to go overboard shopping for your puppy and why not! Its a special occasion bringing a new puppy home and there is some great stuff out there for dogs and puppies these days! But here is a few essentials that I would recommend you get before bringing your puppy home. The rest is all just good fun!


Firstly, you will need food for your new puppy. We choose to feed our dogs:

  • Black Hawke - Ivory coat - leaps and bounds puppy

    • Dry biscuits are essential for your puppies food. Black Hawke and Leaps and Bounds is a healthy and well balanced dry biscuit, supplying nutrients, vitamins and calcium required for the healthy development of puppies. It does not contain preservatives, colours, grains and fillers. There are lots of good quality kibble bands out there now.

  • TuckerTime or Prime100 (meat rolls) which is a premium quality pet food available from most pet stores such as City Farmers or Pet Stock.



Puppies will come to you eating 

TuckerTime Chicken & Veg roll 3 times a day

with free access to the kibble all day long:

Advance Puppy Kibble.


It's best to stick with the same food for a while to avoid tummy upsets and diarrhoea from sudden changes of diet. Its also good to keep some probiotics on hand for those times when they have loose bowels (common in puppies). I use Inner Health capsules from the chemist, just half a capsule sprinkled on their wet food for a few days.



I always use ceramic dog bowls for water, this is not only because it helps to keep the water nice and cool throughout the day, but also prevents the bowl from easily tipping over. Make sure fresh water is always available and easily accessible, having more than one water bowl around for your puppy is a good idea.


Treats are a great way to a puppies heart – just don’t let it get out of control. I use lots of different meat based treats for training and obedience sessions, dried liver is my favourite!


I otherwise provide alternative treats for boredom busters throughout the day, such as a whole raw carrot, hard boiled egg for when they're a bit older (with the shell ON!) or Peanut Butter smeared inside a Kong toy. Another great treat is puppy ice-blocks in summer. You can make them yourself by freezing chicken/soup stock in an ice-cube tray and serving them in a bowl for your pooch to play with and cool down.

Don't forget you will receive a few sample treats in your puppy pack when you pick up your baby!


Comfort toys are a must have for all young puppies in a new environment. A soft plush toy, that is dog friendly (no eyes or buttons which might pop off, be swallowed, or cause choking) will assist your puppy with settling in to their new home. I will give you a toy that he/she has had from birth. Allowing the soft toy to absorb the scent of their mum and a brother or sister, will provide a familiar scent to your pup when they are in a new and unfamiliar environment. Placing a ticking watch or small clock wrapped in a blanket near the comfort toy, will also aid in soothing your pup on those first few nights. With the scent of a littermate, and the ticking watch sounding like a heart beat, this will aid in comforting a new puppy while they settle in. The babies have also been used to having radio playing in the background to get them used to noises, so this may help at night too.
I also like to use heat packs. You can get wheat bags or heat packs at The Reject Shop now (put under a thin blanket so they can't chew it!) that will also make your pup more comfy.




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