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Golden Retriever x Poodle




The groodle (also known as a Goldendoodle) is a hybrid of a pure-bred golden retriever and a poodle (miniature or standard). They have been bred since the 1990s. The aim of crossbreeding is to minimise the genetic diseases that can be present in pure-bred dogs.


The Groodle is known as a wonderful dog for families due to its zest for life, loving kind nature and gentleness. They are very intelligent, just like their parent's (Golden Retriever & Poodles). They are suited to an active family, love the water but are also more than happy to laze on the couch with their humans.


We will be breeding our groodles in two sizes:

MINATURE (Golden Retriever x Miniature Poodle)

WEIGHT: 10-20kg

SIZE: 35-50cm at the whither

STANDARD (Golden Retriever x Standard Poodle)

WEIGHT: 30-40kg

SIZE: 50-65cm at the whither



Our F1 Groodles are varying shades of gold, from the deepest red through to light apricot. Our F1B Groodles can be any colour ranging from merle to chocolate!


Medium length, fleece to wool coat and low - non shedding making it an excellent choice for allergy suffering families.


Your Groodle's coat will require a certain level of care. Due to being a relatively non-shedding breed, they will be required to be professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks with brushing and combing regularly required in between to avoid matting. If you neglect this you may pick up a very different looking dog when you collect it from your groomer!


Their eyes should be cleaned regularly to prevent a build-up eye discharge and tear staining.

Suitability for Children



Groodles are highly active dogs and will require daily walking and visits to the dog park for socialisation. They adore being a the beach and will thrive being off lead and being able to run!

Life Expectancy


10 - 15 years.





Our Groodle puppies are

$4500 (including GST)

Application Process

We will be holding a VERY LIMITED number of people on our groodle waitlist. The estimated waiting period at this time is up to 9 months. This will obviously depend on our girls and their litter's sizes/seasons so may end up being a bit more or less.

Once we have received your application we will review it and if you are successful to be offered a place on the list we will contact you via email with details of how to pay the $100 non-refundable administration fee.

Once your payment has been received you will be placed on the list to be contacted in the future with news of your puppy.

**PLEASE NOTE: Some images are stock photos

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