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our guardian home program

If you live in the Perth Metro area or within 2 hours drive to PepperTree Lane, don't mind having dogs inside and have a fenced yard, you are welcome to apply for our guardian program.

The guardian home program places our pick of the litter potential breeding puppies in permanent pet homes while still participating in our breeding program. We have implemented this program so that families won’t have to wait as long for a well bred, completely health tested, well socialised puppy.


Since our own dogs are much loved family members, there are only so many dogs we can keep here at PepperTree Lane, so our future dams and sires will live in loving homes with their family, whilst occasionally coming back to their birthplace to have a litter of babies. They will contribute to the quality of our breeding program, increasing the gene pool and therefore leading to healthy, sound puppies being born  


Benefits to the dog

She/he is a pet, in their own permanent home, with you - their family, with all the love and companionship these dogs, are bred for.



Come back to PepperTree Lane for about a week for mating and back again for her whelping, for about 5-6 weeks. The rest of the time they will live with you.

You will receive a thankyou fee for each litter your girl has.

We only have 3 litters with the girls. After that, we pay for her desexing and she will be all yours.


Boys only come back to us for servicing our dams if required or our guardian girls who live up in Perth come to you. You will receive a thank-you fee for each litter he sires.

Benefits to YOU

A top quality puppy to join your family as a pet without paying full price.

Health testing, vaccinations, worming and all standard, routine Vet care PAID FOR by us.

Ongoing support from PepperTree Lane.


PepperTree Lane will transport your dog back and forth to Albany as required.

A great program for both the dog and the guardian homes!


Please email me for more details.

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